Building awareness of women’s rights

Women’s human rights are not yet fully accepted and practised by all in Tanzania and East Africa. Through various activities, HAWA builds public awareness of women’s rights among both women and men.

Social, economic and political empowerment of women:

HAWA works on current challenges hindering women in active participation in social, political and economic activities in Tanzania and design, propose and implement project activities that may rectify the situation while also setting the organization for sustainability of such activities.

Engaging Women and the Youth for the achievement of gender equality

To create a future generation of women and men that understand the importance of gender equality in the society, HAWA involves young women and men in projects and programmes that involve them in making decisions to improve their lives and standing for their rights with a focus on achieving gender equality.

Eliminating gender-based violence and supporting women and girls who are victims and survivors of gender-based violence

HAWA is working enhancing gender-based violence elimination initiatives. These include ensuring that issues not accommodated within the law are addressed. Such issues include harassment and marital rape.

Advancing women’s health

HAWA encourages women to take their health seriously and so take responsibility for it, primarily through preventive measures for lifestyle related diseases such as hypertension and some cancers and addressing HIV/AIDS through raising awareness of women’s sexual rights, including the right to negotiate for safe sex. Access to affordable health services within easy reach is also a key area that HAWA facilitates.

Eradicating poverty and hunger and women economic empowerment

In order for women to realize their full potential, they must have equal access to economic activities and should receive ample support for development of their economic activities including entrepreneurial practice in business. HAWA works to change the tradition of gendered division of labour and creates a climate that support women initiatives and active participation and involvement in business and other economic activities, and creating an environment that is free from sexual harassment, which would allow women to effectively engage in all economic activities.

Empowering women through education

HAWA will envisages increasing women access to education in Tanzania through connecting women with education opportunities at all levels, providing financial and other support to vulnerable women unable to carter for their own education expenses and various other means.

Providing legal services to women

Women in Tanzania face the challenge of access legal, which eventually hampers efforts on the protection of human rights of women. Many discriminatory legislative provisions remain in force in Tanzania. Propositions for amendments to some of these laws, which would remove some discriminatory provisions, have met with strong resistance and reforms have stalled. The coverage of legal awareness and services has not reached the majority of the people, especially those in the rural areas; hence there is a need to invest more in efforts towards enhancing women’s access to legal services through awareness creation, training and provision of paralegal services to vulnerable women in the country. HAWA works towards enhancing an increase in women’s access to legal services in Tanzania and supports vulnerable women in accessing various legal services.


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  1. aisha says:

    hi! dada joyce nimependa sasa hii( ngo) yako, una mawazo mazuri sana ya kuwakwamua wanawake, hongera sana

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